Monday, 5 December 2011

Magical Moment Of My Life

This is the best moment of my life,Now we are the best, The World Best Cricket Team.
This is the strongest man of this team and This is the happiest moment of his life.



  1. India team sobsamay jituk setai kammo. Tate sob manusher mukhe hashi,mone anando r jibone joye hobar iche beche thakbe ei vabe sob rakam joyer modhye diye. Tobe sob samay joye na hote parleo chesta kore jao uchit. Jodi kokhono seta na hoy tobe tate mon kharaper kichu nei. Joy take mone vebe aro kichu valo korar r valo kichu vabar chesta kora uchit. So sob samay valo valo,valo kichu koro kintu sob samay sotter pothe chole......

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